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From Midwest Book Review
(FIVE stars) A Surprise End to a Captivating Trilogy. In some ways, ReGeneration is both unexpected and predictable - and in the scheme of things, that's not such a bad thing...the hallmark of an exceptional read doesn't necessarily lie in logic and predictability: it lies in an ability to captivate readers with a “you are there” feel, to make one care about the characters' experiences, and to inject elements of surprise into the story line that keep it fresh and vivid -- and here, too, ReGeneration achieves its goals...every bit as engrossing as its predecessors - and that's what a good trilogy should offer: continuity along with more than a small dash of mystery and surprise. D. Donovan, Senior eBook Reviewer

What Readers Are Saying About ReGeneration

(FIVE stars) Great Conclusion! This book was a great way to end the series! I enjoyed every page and was captivated by elements of the plot. There was a time when I put the book down and just said, "Wow." The story line of the book was well thought out...The characters were very relatable and each added their own aspect to the story. This was a great series and I recommend it to everyone!  —North Ski at Amazon.

(FIVE stars) Wow! ReGeneration is a “wow” ending for the story and characters we have come to know through the Trilogy. I found myself wanting to experience every adventurous moment with them up to the wonderful closing of the series. This book is thought provoking, inspiring, engaging and imaginative, and yet...possible!!  —R.H., Quad Cities, IA

(FIVE stars) May be the best trilogy I have ever read. This trilogy has been one of the most exciting roller coaster rides that I have been on. It is bitter sweet to have it end. I wish that there would be more installments. ReGeneration had a positive, unexpected impact on me that changed the direction of some of my concepts. I'm not saying more because I don't want to issue a "spoiler alert."
 ReGeneration will be more meaningful if Solarium-3 (Book 1) and Haeven (Book 2) are read first.  —L.P., at Amazon

(FIVE stars) I really loved this book. It was a beautiful ending to the Trilogy. After reading Haeven (the second book) I was very unsure of where the story was heading. The final cliffhanger of Haeven was a great lead-in to this book. Even though I know this is fiction, it paints a beautiful picture. I highly recommend the trilogy!  —K.H. at Amazon

(FIVE stars) A Special Destiny! John Spencer’s first two books of Solarium-3 The Trilogy (Solarium-3 and Haeven) took the readers through a very troubling – sometimes horrifying – journey of several seemingly ordinary people! As we now learn, these are very special people taken into a very special destiny! ReGeneration pulls you back down to Earth in this extraordinary story where you may very well find yourself more “grounded in the realm of the Spirit .” —L.S., Maricopa, AZ

(FIVE Stars) Satisfying third book in the series. Book 3 in this series by John Spencer brings full closure to the trials and losses experienced by the Solarians. I found myself in tears imagining the level of worship and fellowship we will one day experience with the Lord in eternity.  —V.S. at Amazon.

(FIVE stars) A Grand Finale! In a Paul Harvey-esque “rest of the story,” the author takes us from the mountain top of Pikes Peak, Colorado, where we last encountered the Solarians, to one mountain top experience after another in this conclusion of the Solarium-3 Trilogy. Another finely woven series of events and encounters OUTSIDE of the safety of the pod-city where they have been living, the small band of Solarians are brought to greater levels of safety than they ever could have imagined! This is an engaging, exciting and fit conclusion to Spencer’s social and scientific experiment of the Solarium-3 Pod-dwellers. I highly recommend ReGeneration; just be sure to read Volumes 1 & 2 first, in order to get the full impact of the series.  —L.D. at Amazon


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