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(FIVE stars) A Compelling Saga of Survival. A story that, once again, builds a seemingly-predictable scenario only to break all the rules with a series of events that keep readers on their toes and thinking...Solarium-3 was good; but Haeven is great and will lead readers to hunger for the final book, ReGeneration especially as Haeven ends with a cliffhanger. D. Donovan, Senior eBook Reviewer

What Readers Are Saying About Haeven

(FIVE stars) Great imagery! A very engaging read, could hardly put it down.  —D.U.,

(FIVE stars) An emotionally gripping read! Thought provoking, “What I would think, or feel, or do in the Solarians' world?” The characters are endearing, and the story leads to a climactic ending of, “Oh wow, now what’s going on??”  —R.H., Davenport, IA

(FIVE stars) The ending gives you chills! —M.M., Peoria, IL

(FIVE stars) A fascinating book. I found myself squirming at times, wondering what I would do if I were in the same situation...holding my breath with the suspense...frantically reading the last few chapters to see what happened! —M.G., Dunlap, IL

(FIVE stars) Mystery on the mountain...One of the only books I have ever read that caused me to wonder about what the characters were doing while I was away from the book!  —Larry at

(FIVE stars) This book is great!! The author has amazed me with the plot...I somehow feel that I am standing outside of the Solarium looking in.  —L.P.,

(FIVE stars) Another cliff hanger! Haeven has left me hanging off a cliff by one hand!...well written, imaginative...I love the plot that keeps evolving with twists and turns...I’m totally crazy about this trilogy and looking forward to the third book.  —Ken, in TN.

(FIVE stars) A great book...the excellent continuation of a truly fascinating story...drove me (personally) in a straight line to a place that, OMG, took my breath away—and yet the story is still very much in progress!  —L.S., Maricopa, AZ

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