The Trilogy

  Seven researchers, three men and four women, are sealed INSIDE Solarium-3, a huge self-sustaining science complex, on a four year project to see if life can survive in a completely closed, man-made environment.
  But after only a few weeks, the air in the complex turns foul, and may soon become fatal. Air alert sensors fail to warn them. Then they find several birds lying dead on the ground.

  They ask the OUTSIDE project controllers to vent in fresh air. The answer comes swiftly: No.
  Desperate, they beg to be let out. Again, project managers say no, but won't say why.


Venture INSIDE

  The team pleads for an emergency video conference with the project leaders to demand their release. They gather around the video monitor, their hopes high. But those hopes are about to be shattered, as they learn the horrifying truth no one could have predicted. In an instant, their world, and their lives, will forever change.

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